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100km Training Programme 100km Training Programme  :
100 Mile Event Training Schedule 100 Mile Event Training Schedule  :
100 Mile Ultra Marathon Plan 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Plan  :
16 Week First 50K Training Plan 16 Week First 50K Training Plan  :
50K Event Training Schedule 50K Event Training Schedule  :
50 Mile Event Training Schedule 50 Mile Event Training Schedule  :
50 Mile Training Program 50 Mile Training Program  :
Automatic Ultramarathon Training Schedule Automatic Ultramarathon Training Schedule  :
Building Up Your Mileage Building Up Your Mileage  :
Completing Your First Ultra-Marathon Completing Your First Ultra-Marathon  :
Comrades Training Programs Comrades Training Programs  :
First Ultra Attempt Training Guidance First Ultra Attempt Training Guidance  :
How to Run an Ultra Marathon How to Run an Ultra Marathon  :
How to Run Your First 50-Miler How to Run Your First 50-Miler  :
How to Train For and Run Your First 100 at the Umstead 100 How to Train For and Run Your First 100 at the Umstead 100   :
How to Train for an Ultramarathon How to Train for an Ultramarathon   :
Kepler Challenge Training Programs Kepler Challenge Training Programs  :
Om Die Dam ( 50km ) Ultramarathon 16 Week Training Program Om Die Dam ( 50km ) Ultramarathon 16 Week Training Program  :
Run for the Toad 50K Training Program Run for the Toad 50K Training Program  :
Running Programs for the 100KM del Passatore Running Programs for the 100KM del Passatore   :
The Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Plan The Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Plan  :
Training for First Ultra Training for First Ultra   :
TransRockies Run 16 Week Training Plan TransRockies Run 16 Week Training Plan  :
Two Oceans Marathon Training Programmes Two Oceans Marathon Training Programmes  :
Ultra Marathon Training Ultra Marathon Training  :


100 Mile Training 100 Mile Training  :
6633 Ultra Training Tips 6633 Ultra Training Tips  :
Andy Lovy's Multi-Day Tips Andy Lovy's Multi-Day Tips  :
Avoiding Over Training & Burnout Avoiding Over Training & Burnout  :
Badwater Training, Nutrition, Preparation & Equipment Badwater Training, Nutrition, Preparation & Equipment  :
Back of the Pack - Increase your Chances Back of the Pack - Increase your Chances    :
Core Stability Exercises Core Stability Exercises  :
Core Strengthening - 20 Minute Routine Core Strengthening - 20 Minute Routine  :
Essential Elements to Running 100 Miles Essential Elements to Running 100 Miles  :
Exercises for Ultra Runners Exercises for Ultra Runners  :
Extreme Ultra-Marathons Extreme Ultra-Marathons  :
First Time Ultra Training First Time Ultra Training   :
How to Run 100 Miles How to Run 100 Miles  :
How to Run 50 Miles How to Run 50 Miles  :
How to Run Over 300 Miles in 3 Days How to Run Over 300 Miles in 3 Days   :
How to Train for Spartathlon How to Train for Spartathlon  :
How to Train for Ultradistance How to Train for Ultradistance  :
James Adams' Ultra Running Stuff Ultra Running Stuff & V2.0   :
Jesper Olsen's 24 Ultramarathon Training Tips and Tricks Jesper Olsen's 24 Ultramarathon Training Tips and Tricks  :
Jungle Marathon Training and Advice Jungle Marathon Training and Advice  :
Leadville from Scratch Leadville from Scratch   :
Lessons Learned for Ultramarathons Lessons Learned for Ultramarathons  :
Lessons Learned from Training to Run 50 Miles Lessons Learned from Training to Run 50 Miles  :
Low Mileage Training Low Mileage Training  :
Marathon Des Sables ( MDS ) Training Advice & Tips Marathon Des Sables ( MDS ) Training Advice & Tips  :
Mindpower Mindpower  :
Preparing for Your First Ultramarathon Preparing for Your First Ultramarathon  :
Psychological Attributes and Coping Strategies Associated with Ultramarathon Perfomance Psychological Attributes and Coping Strategies Associated with Ultramarathon Perfomance  :
Running 100 Miles Running 100 Miles  :
Speed Training for Ultrarunners Speed Training for Ultrarunners  :
Tapering Tapering   :
Tapering and the Immune System Tapering and the Immune System    :
The Building Blocks of Ultramarathon Training The Building Blocks of Ultramarathon Training  :
The Long Run - Eating On The Run The Long Run - Eating On The Run   :
The Long Training Run The Long Training Run  :
Training and Racing Ultras Training and Racing Ultras  :
Training for a 50 Miler Training for a 50 Miler  :
Training for a 100 Miler Training for a 100 Miler  :
Training for a 100k Training for a 100k  :
Training for an Ultramarathon Training for an Ultramarathon  :
Training for Comrades Training for Comrades  :
Training for a Multiday Race Training for a Multiday Race  :
Training for the Badwater Ultramarathon Training for the Badwater Ultramarathon  :
Training for the Can Lake 50 Ultras Training for the Can Lake 50 Ultras    :
Training for the Marathon des Sables Training for the Marathon des Sables  :
Training for the Western States 100 Training for the Western States 100  :
Training for Your 100 Mile Race Training for Your First 100 Mile Race  :
Training for Your First Ultramarathon Training for Your First Ultramarathon   :
Training To Finish Advice from George Parrott Training "To Finish" Advice from George Parrott  :
Training to Race 100 km Training to Race 100 km   :
Ultra Advice from a Master Ultra Advice from a Master  :
Ultramarathon 101 Ultramarathon 101   :
Ultra Marathon Advice and Training  Ultramarathon Advice and Training  :
Ultramarathon Training Paces Ultramarathon Training Paces    :
ultraRunning - Getting Started ultraRunning - Getting Started  :
ultraRunning - Training & Racing ultraRunning - Training & Racing  :
Ultrarunning Tips Ultrarunning Tips  :
Ultra Trail Running Made Easy Ultra Trail Running Made Easy  :
Ultra Distance Training Tips Ultra Distance Training Tips   :
Using the Marathon as Training for Your First 50 Miler Using the Marathon as Training for Your First 50 Miler  :
Using Marathons as Training for Ultras Using Marathons as Training for Ultras  :
William Sichel - Training for the Last Third William Sichel - Training for the Last Third  :
You Can Train for Ultras & Still Have a Life You Can Train for Ultras & Still Have a Life  :


Blister Free Running Blister Free Running   :
Foot Blister Prevention and Care Foot Blister Prevention and Care  :
Healthy Feet Running the 100's Healthy Feet Running the 100's   :
Preventing Blisters and Black Toenails Preventing Blisters and Black Toenails  :
Taping for Blisters Taping for Blisters  :
Taping Feet to Prevent or Treat Blisters Taping Feet to Prevent or Treat Blisters  :


Altitude Sickness / Acute Mountain Sickness Altitude Sickness / Acute Mountain Sickness  :
Exercise and the Common Cold Exercise and the Common Cold  :
Hydration 101 Hydration 101   :
Hyperthermia Hyperthermia  :
Hyponatremia Hyponatremia  :
Medical Advice for UTMB Runners Medical Advice for UTMB Runners  :
Medical Mechanics of Ultrarunning Medical Mechanics of Ultrarunning  :
Preventing Hyponatremia Preventing Hyponatremia   :
WSER Medical Research Publications WSER Medical Research Publications  :
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and Exercise Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and Exercise  :
Water / Electrolyte Balance Table Water / Electrolyte Balance Table  :


Biochemical Strategies for Ultrarunning Biochemical Strategies for Ultrarunning  :
Dietary Advice for UTMB Runners Dietary Advice for UTMB Runners  :
Energy Balance in Ultramarathon Running Energy Balance in Ultramarathon Running  :
Nutrition Nutrition  :
Nutritional Demands of Ultra-Endurance Running Nutritional Demands of Ultra-Endurance Running  :
Nutrition Guidelines for Ultra Running Nutrition Guidelines for Ultra Running  :
Practical Nutrition Advice for Preparation and Race Day Practical Nutrition Advice for Preparation and Race Day  :
Race Nutrition Race Nutrition  :
Sports Nutrition - Fluid, Electrolytes, and Minerals Sports Nutrition - Fluid, Electrolytes, and Minerals  :
ultraRunning - Health & Nutrition ultraRunning - Health & Nutrition   :
Ultra Foods Ultra Foods  :
What Food to Eat During an Ultramarathon What Food to Eat During an Ultramarathon   :


Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons  :

Andy Dubois (Australia) Andy Dubois (Australia)  :
Andy Mouncey (UK) Andy Mouncey (UK)  :
Henry Morris (UK) Henry Morris (UK)    :
James Elson / Ian Sharman (UK) James Elson / Ian Sharman (UK)  :
Robbie Britton (UK) Robbie Britton (UK)   :
Scott Weber (US) Scott Weber (US)   :
William Sichel / Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe (UK) William Sichel / Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe (UK)  :

Alternative Training Techniques Alternative Training Techniques  :
Childbirth Envy: Why Men Run Ultras Childbirth Envy: Why Men Run Ultras  :
You know you're an Ultrarunner if... You know you're an Ultrarunner if...  :

AURA Ultramag AURA Ultramag  :
Distance Running Distance Running  :
Endurance Racing Magazine Endurance Racing Magazine  :
Go Trail Magazine Go Trail Magazine  :
Marathon & Beyond Magazine Marathon & Beyond Magazine  :
Nordic Ultra e-Magazine Nordic Ultra e-Magazine  :
Trail Run Magazine Trail Run Magazine  :
Trail Runner - One Dirty Magazine Trail Runner - One Dirty Magazine  :
ultrafondus Magazine ultrafondus Magazine  :
UltraRunning Magazine UltraRunning Magazine  :
Ultrarunning World Magazine Ultrarunning World Magazine  :
Ultra Tales Ultra Tales  :

British Trail Running Podcast British Trail Running Podcast  :
DFL Ultrarunning DFL Ultrarunning  :
Endurance Planet Endurance Planet  :
Talk Ultra Talk Ultra  :
Trail Runner Nation Trail Runner Nation  :
Ultra Runner Podcast Ultra Runner Podcast   :

Research & Papers
100 Mile Ultramarathon Research Study 100 Mile Ultramarathon Research  :
The Science of Badwater The Science of Badwater  :
Trends in Preparation and Training for Ultras Trends in Preparation and Training for Ultras  :
The Science of Badwater The Science of Badwater  :
Ultra Study Ultra Study  :
WSER Research Publications WSER Research Publications  :

Ultrarunning Run/Walk Calculator Ultrarunning Run/Walk Calculator  :
Ultramarathon Pace Calculator Ultramarathon Pace Calculator  :
Ultra Marathon Calculator Ultra Marathon Calculator  :